Tony & Teresa's Bathroom Transformation

At DBR Interiors we’re always keen to deliver a bathroom or kitchen to the exact specifications of our clients. Our Before & After feature will show you the work that’s put into every project.

This week we focus on the results from Tony and Teresa’s bathroom transformation.  They had two bathrooms they wanted to transform, a main bathroom and an ensuite.

The most important things to them were lots of storage for the family-shared bathroom and a luxurious ensuite for their personal bathroom.  Tony also suffers from Parkinson’s disease, so it was important that the ensuite be accessible to him.

We stripped both bathrooms down to the bare bones and started from scratch.  This was necessary for the ensuite as we had to move the walls and the doorway to make it more accessible.  It allowed us to make way for a double walk-in shower.

The walk in shower featured a beautiful mosaic wall and a dual-head rainfall shower.  We totally recommend this type of shower at DBR Interiors.  It definitely helps give your bathroom a luxurious feel and gives you the option of having the fixed rainfall head or the hand held shower head with spray control.

Other features in the ensuite included an illuminated bathroom mirror, a heated towel warmer and under floor heating.

If this sounds like the type of bathroom you would like to achieve then contact us now to discuss with one of our representative.

For the main bathroom we installed a range of fitted furniture, which not only looked great but also provided various options for storage.

The main bathroom had a shower bath.  To ensure this was still roomy and comfortable enough to bathe in we brought the shower end of the bath out slightly.  We also installed a waterfall tap in the centre of the bath for added comfort.

One special request from Teresa was the installation of a specific toilet roll holder in the main bathroom.  This was a quirky feature, which would look modern in any bathroom.  The fitted furniture also played an advantage, as the toilet roll holder was able to be hidden inside the cupboard until use.

Watch this feature in action on Tony and Teresa’s review video.

Tony and Teresa were absolutely delighted with the modern and luxurious bathroom and ensuite that DBR Interiors designed and installed.  You only need to watch Teresa’s interview to hear how happy she was.

See a full review of both of Tony & Teresa’s rooms on our website.