Flow - Kindred Bedroom Range

Flow is another example of how a Kindred bedroom can be adapted to suit both adults and children. In this case it’s a teenager’s bedroom that’s replicated using the range. It offers a contemporary look and a relaxed hangout. The minimalistic design is simple and the integrated handles create a streamlined collection of furniture. Subtle changes can make the room go from being stylish to being functional. Flow is an adaptable bedroom range.

It’s shown below in gloss white and matt dove grey. Both matt and gloss finishes are available for the following colours: cashmere, white and dove grey. Additionally, anthracite is available in a matt finish.

Single and double wardrobes are available in six different widths, but one height. There are also 3 drawer bedside cabinets and 4 drawer wide chests.

Remember all of the internal interiors can be bespoke and tailored to your individual taste.


The style shown here has a somewhat feminine feel about it. It is a functional room; however adding subtle touches of sparkle to a bright and clean white gloss furniture range creates charming and modern vibes. The property that the example has been designed around has a disused chimneybreast so the wardrobe has been cleverly designed around this. It gives a traditional-type property a modern feel and allows for the wardrobes to be multipurpose.

The wardrobes have integrated, streamlined handles but a touch of style is added with the crystal handles. We have a wide range of handles available.


Your teenager won’t want to stereotypically mess up their room when it looks like this. The Flow range allows them to mature with this modern-style standalone furniture collection. The combination of tall wardrobes and the low media desk show that the furniture doesn’t’ always need to be fitted wall-to-wall, or floor-to-ceiling and can in fact look effective as standalone pieces.

The units shown in the example above are acting as a low media unit, however these can also be installed off the ground to create great overhead storage and release some floor space if need be.

For more tips on how to create floor space with various storage options visit our blog.