Origin - Kindred Bedroom Range

The Origin range is another example of the simplistic bespoke bedroom designs that can be provided by DBR Interiors. It offers four different styles: tranquillity, practicality (for both adults and children) and a rural feel. The fitted furniture has a Shaker-style feel about it and it can look great in both modern and period/traditional type builds. The colour palette is natural which also makes it very versatile. The fitted furniture used in this collection has beautiful hand-painted, wood grain finishes.

The colours shown below are partridge grey, porcelain and stone. Not pictured is textured oak.

Wardrobes are available as single and double and available in six different widths and one height. There are 2 and 3 drawer bedside cabinets and two different types of drawers available in the Origin range. The first type of drawer features 2 wide drawers and then splits in to two individual drawers on the top. The second option is four drawers high and again, two individual drawers at the top.

Remember, almost every element of the Kindred bedroom range can be tailored to suit your individual tastes.




The Origin furniture used in the example above has been styled to look like a coastal seaside home and the natural textures and soft colours really do echo this. The fitted furniture is shown in the colour stone, which gives the room a calming feel. The integrated wardrobes are wall-to-wall. In some smaller rooms this may look too crowded, however in the type of home shown above it will not only maximise the storage but will add to the overall theme of a Victorian style house.


Practicality (for adults and children)

The second and third styles show how the Origin furniture range can be adapted for both adults and children. Looking at adults firstly, this type of bedroom range is practical and allows you to make the most from your rooms. It has been designed to allow a balance between your work, your life and your home. The furniture is versatile so it can be designed to include a practical working space whilst creating a liveable environment for when it’s needed. The colour shown above is partridge grey, which can be complimented with warm, darker colours and touches of blue to create a relaxed environment.

For children, the Origin range can really be adapted to create innovative spaces. These will be practical for adults, but to children can mean adventure. The example includes a a mixture of integrated wardrobes, bespoke shelving and cupboards and an adaptable space below the shelves. The wardrobes are shown in the colour stone. Complete the look by adding any sort of colourful tone you wish. This Kindred range is particularly timeless as you can make subtle changes to the room. Change the type of door handle for example and let the Origin bedroom range evolve, along with your child.



Similar to the first style of Origin room, we can see natural textures and charm used in this fitted bedroom range. The example used shows how the floor-to-ceiling fitted wardrobes can maximise the storage in your room, without having to be wall-to-wall as well. It’s great for older properties and anywhere where floor space is at a minimum.   The furniture is shown in a porcelain colour.

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