Parity - Kindred Bedroom Range

The Parity range has three different styles: glamorous, minimalistic and relaxed. The simplistic nature and uniform look of the parity bedroom furniture allows you to style your bedroom to anything you like. It’s the blank canvas of our fitted bedroom ranges. The modern furniture is shown below in gloss cashmere, matt white and gloss dove grey. Each of these colours is available in gloss and matt finishes and the anthracite colour (not shown) is available in a matt finish.

Wardrobes are available as single and double and available in six different widths and one height. There is a 3 drawer bedside cabinet and a 4 drawer wide chest in the Parity range. The furniture is all hand-painted and can be integrated in to your room or can be displayed as standalone furniture.

Remember all of the internal interiors can be bespoke and tailored to your individual taste.



The use of the colour cashmere gives off warm tones and when coupled with accent pastel colours (as shown below) can create an extravagant vibe. Choosing a gloss finish in this type of room adds to the luxury. The additional touches you choose can make all the difference and by selecting suitable handles, like the sparkling ones above, can finish off the room perfectly.



This style is great for those who have a simplistic way of living. The white matt furniture is natural looking and makes the room look sharp and effortless. The Parity furniture range is suitable for many types of house and the example above shows how great it would look in a city apartment. The fitted furniture can be installed to maximise storage without implicating the ‘face value’ of the room.



The example above shows how functional and simple the Parity fitted bedroom range can actually be. The gloss dove grey colour creates a serene look and gives a blank canvas for whatever colour palette you choose to go with. This type of bedroom furniture would be ideal for the second bedroom in a new build home where space may not be at a luxury. The Parity built-in wardrobes will counter this and offer a maximised amount of storage.

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