The Best Colour For A Bathroom?

Is there such a thing as a ‘best colour’ for your bathroom? DBR Interiors have designed and installed many bathrooms and everything comes down to individual taste, however there may be colours that are more tranquil and others may brighten up the room. We take a look at the possibilities.


Type: Warm

The colour brown is said to be a visually active and psychologically pleasing colour. Our Envy range is a perfect example of how this darker tone can bring a bit of warmth to a room. The Envy range comes in three different colours but the walnut-coloured cabinets add character to what could be an otherwise simple room. Check out our country bathrooms to see how great the Hampton range looks with a brown and beige colour scheme.


Type: Cool

We’ve seen two types of blue in our experience of bathroom design and both have totally different effects on the room. The colour blue is often associated with depth, stability and calmness. The bright white Scheme ceramic basin can be showcased against navy blue or light blue wall. It will make it look clean and modern and is sure to be eye-catching. Other pieces from our modern range can be found here.


Type: Neutral

Are you brave enough to go for a dark bathroom with blacks and greys? Black is actually associated with power and elegance, although a dark-coloured room won’t suit every space. We’d recommend keeping this sort of colour scheme for a bigger, open space. Using it in a smaller space, like a cloakroom, may mean the room isn't bright enough to see your amazing fixtures and fittings. Our wet rooms could be a bathroom which suits a darker colour scheme.


Type: Cool

As green is the colour of freshness and yellow is associated with sunshine, we think colours would be ideal for an ensuite or cloakroom bathroom. These would bring energy and harmony to your home and also bring some much-needed light to a potentially small, windowless space. The Mia range of free-standing furniture comes in a high gloss white and light elm so would look great in a brightly decorated ensuite.  This can be seen in our cloakroom range.


So what colour would suit your home? Let us know your preference and contact DBR Interiors now to find out more about our bathroom range. Each range you see on our website can be completely tailored to your requirements.