Fitted bedrooms in six different styles

Chapter - Kindred Classic

Chapter is one of Kindred’s classic bedroom collections.  This offers three different styles: sophistication, elegance and timeless.  It presents a twist on a traditional shaker-style range (like Origin) and takes its inspiration from Victorian and Edwardian designs.   It’s shown in three different colours.  There’s stone, partridge grey and porcelain and not shown is textured oak.

The wardrobes are complemented with baroque-style beading and natural colours.  They’re available as single and double wardrobes and you can also add 2 or 3 drawer bedside cabinets or two different types of tall drawers to your room.  The first type of drawer features 2 wide drawers and then splits in to two individual drawers on the top.  The second option is four drawers high and again, two individual drawers at the top.

Remember all of the internal interiors can be bespoke and tailored to your individual taste.


This style has been created with a combination of luxurious and comfortable interiors.  Instead of installing the wardrobes in a uniform fashion, the example shows how they can adapt to the room and have been practically fitted into the corner of the room.  The Chapter range can be suitable for any home.  The one above is seen in a Georgian-style home and the furniture is shown in the colour stone.


The way the Chapter range is used in this room shows how a traditional-style bedroom can be created in any sort of home.  Think of it as your getaway from a modern, busy lifestyle.  The partridge grey colour can be complemented with soft pastel tones to add an air of luxury to the room.  The double wardrobes aren’t fitted floor-to-ceiling but have some decadent beading to finish them off.  The contrasting wall panelling is also something that can be provided by DBR Interiors. Headboards may be a thing of the past, however by choosing wall panelling, which is a similar design to the furniture, creates a great focal point.


The Chapter bedroom furniture collection is another example of a Kindred design that can be used for a children’s room, but still allows for change over time. It’s shown in the colour porcelain and is a truly timeless range. By simply changing the handles on the wardrobes you can create a whole different look and adapt to time. The example shown is featured in a period townhouse so there is the room to extend the storage. However, all of the Kindred bedroom ranges can be installed to your bespoke requirements. In a child’s bedroom the need for more space is never underestimated. The amount of storage available in the Chapter bedroom collection makes it perfect for creating a safe but playful environment.

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