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Classic Kitchens

You can be assured that DBR’s classic style of kitchens will withstand the test of time.

There’s no need to try and keep up with current trends as our classic kitchens are designed so you’ll enjoy them now and in years to come.  They also offer excellent storage and tailored accessories and handles.

The Carrick kitchen range is a classic shaker and is very adaptable to any home. This is ideal as you can be assured the finishing you choose are bespoke and can be accessorised to your taste. Taking in to consideration small details like handle types can create a totally different look. The beautiful classical kitchen above is shown in the colour ivory and is complemented by natural wood work top and a premium black granite.

The Woodland range is a very on-trend example of one of our classic, bespoke kitchens. There are lots of colours to choose form in this range. Pictured is partridge grey, which is neutral but allows accent, bold colours to be used within the space. A focal point in this kitchen is the bespoke feature doors. These have a clear, glazed window and open shelving which makes for decorative and interesting storage.

Whichever range you choose will have great decorative storage and unique features to make sure your classic kitchen is always on trend.

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