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Traditional Kitchens

DBR’s traditional kitchens will create a homely feel in any type of property.  This timeless look can be achieved with a combination of bespoke materials and textures.

These kitchens are built to the highest specification.  Not only are they graceful, but they can also prove to be practical.  Choosing the traditional style will give you the best of both.

The Thornton range is a great example of just how great a traditional-style kitchen can look.  It's one of our most traditional kitchens, with a hint of shaker. The smooth painted finishes can be coupled with dark solid worktops to create a striking finish to the room. The traditional kitchen shown above has a combination of porcelain and stone doors. Other colours include almond and partridge grey. The panels in the classic Thornton kitchen are framed and there’s detailed cornices, which create great detail in the room.
The neutral colours in the kitchen mean you can customise the room whichever way you like.

Lomond kitchens feature classic units and cupboards, great for dining, cooking and storing. The colour shown above is pure white, which not only looks great in any space, but can also brighten even the smallest of rooms. Another advantage of the Lomond collection is the ability to experiment with the height and depths of the worktops. Not only does this create an interesting room, but can help it adapt to different types of spaces and homes.

As always, DBR Interiors will be on hand to help you decide.

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