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DBR Interiors’ modern-style kitchen can be adapted to be any type of home.  From an apartment to a traditional period townhouse, the modern range will make your kitchen a talking point. 

The advantage of choosing this style is the large choice of colours available for the Montrose, Busby and Ochil door ranges.  These come in both high gloss and matt finishes and in over 20 different colours.  The right combination of materials and colours will bring character and smooth finishes to any modern-style kitchen.

The Montrose kitchen is one of the most modern in this collection. Montrose kitchens are sleek and simple and the most difficult choice you’ll have is selecting one of the 20 painted colours available. Colours include lights, greys, blues and greens, warm neutrals, darks and statement colours.
One of the advantages of choosing this modern kitchen style is its lacquered finish, which makes cleaning easy and maintainable. The slab style doors are designed to streamline the kitchen.

The Busby kitchen shown is in gloss cashmere. It’s a subtle colour and fits well with darker tones to great a warm, sophisticated feeling in your kitchen. Busby kitchens are contemporary and are ideal ranges for a kitchen in a busy, fast-paced home. Gloss cashmere is just one of 27 colours available in a matt or gloss finish in the Busby collection.

The Ochil collection features smooth surfaces with handless doors, which create a streamlined, modern kitchen. The handless doors are easy to open. Like most of our kitchens, there are plenty of colours to choose from. Each is available in matt and gloss.

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